Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Diets and Falacies (V): Other extreme diets.

Other extreme diets
There are many other extreme diets like the ‘cabbage diet’ and the ‘bread and water diet’. These extreme diets fly in the face of healthy eating and I do not recommend anyone partake in such health-damaging food regimes.

Another terrible trap to avoid is skipping meals. This may seem a good way to reduce calories, but in fact is very bad for you and will cause long-term weight gain.
Over the centuries of human existence we have been through hardships and famine. From this our bodies have developed a defense mechanism to combat long periods without food.

After skipping meals or going for long periods without eating our bodies release huge amounts of insulin to store the next thing we eat as fat so it can be slowly used in case the perceived famine continues.

Therefore, eat regularly and do not let yourself get over hungry and your body will reward you by using the food for energy throughout the day.

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